CREST Approved Vulnerability Scanning helps Identify your weaknesses

Our CREST Approved Penetration Test service is a CREST approved, regulated, vulnerability scanning solutions, designed to uncovers known Cyber Security vulnerabilities, risks and weak configurations.

Vulnerability Scanning is important for organisations of all sizes and should be performed on a regular schedule. We can support daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly scanning, including on off scans.

The Next Generation of Vulnerability Scanning

We offer our Next Generation of Vulnerability Scanning as standard. Our service is built around a traditional vulnerability scanning that you can buy from us or any one of our competitors. Our differentiator is that we go far beyond just that traditional vulnerability scan. We provide, through our client portal, additional services that enhance your vulnerability scan to provide that next generation of security testing coverage. But if you still need that single point in time, vulnerability scan then we can still help.

Each vulnerability scan is consultant-led, with support from our analyst team. Our team will review and validate the findings, removing the false positives and where necessary, enhance the findings with more data, such as improved remediation details. You can also export the findings as CSV files, integrate the portal into Jira and download PDF reports.

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Hedgehog Security places great emphasis on the quality, reliability, and security of the services it offers. We are fully regulated by CREST, the Council for Regitered Ethical Security Testers and are authorised to deliver Cyber Security Consulting along with Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and IT Health Checks.

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