Web Application Penetration Testing helps Identify Web Application Weaknesses

The Hedgehog Web Application penetration testing service is a CREST approved, regulated, full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation, orchestrated from the perspective of a malicious threat actor, designed to measure how prepared your infrastructure, applications, people, processes and technologies can defend and withstand an attack from a real-life adversary, while uncovering potential risks and security vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing is important for organisations of all sizes and the traditional style of penetration testing has done the job for many years. Now, however, a well structured and scoped penetration test needs to me more than a simple point in time test.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web technologies have advanced in recent years and so have the Web Applications that we all use daily. With this advancement and reliance on web technologies, we have also been exposed to Cyber Security risks associated with these applications.

External facing Web Applications used by businesses are by nature available to all via the public Internet. Their complexity and availability have made them an ideal target for attackers and there have been many publicised data breaches that have been caused by insecure web applications.

Protecting these applications from new threats is a constant challenge, especially for developers who may not be security aware and who are working towards a performance deadline.

How Web Application Penetration Testing Helps

We can help alleviate the risks associated with web application security issues by performing regular web app security of your public facing or internal Web Applications to identify the issues and to give you an ability to remediate these before an attacker would exploit. Our professional and highly experiences Web Application Security Testing team will identify vulnerabilities that exist on your web applications. We have a wealth of knowledge in the area of Web Application Security Testing and our testers have created and contributed to many open source web application security projects.

Our Web Application Penetration Testing service is performed remotely for externally facing web applications. For internally facing applications within your premised, we can use either a client provided VPN, a testing application that we can ship to you or we can provide you with a secured virtual machine to allow us to test from.

Penetration Testing can be performed Internally within your corporate network or Externally over the Internet

Remote Penetration Testing

Traditionally, Penetration Tests have been conducted onsite where a our consultant would visit your office and physically connect to the network infrastructure to perform the assessment. With the issues faced around the Coronavirus situation, we have released our client portal, a technology-led alternative to having a consultant visit site.

We are offering a Remote Penetration Test where the whole engagement is performed without the need to visit the customer site. You can either download a Virtual Machine image that can be installed within the corporate network or be shipped a standalone network appliance.

Both solutions create a secure channel to the Hedgehog Security Operations Centre where the assigned consultant can then command the image or appliance in the same way as they would if they had their laptop on site.

All data collected during the test is held securely at our ISO27001 Operations Centre allowing the consultant to perform the assessment and upload the results to the client portal.

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Hedgehog Security places great emphasis on the quality, reliability, and security of the services it offers. We are fully regulated by CREST, the Council for Regitered Ethical Security Testers and are authorised to deliver Cyber Security Consulting along with Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and IT Health Checks.

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