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[Secure] and [Secure]+

SECURE is Cyber Security for small businesses, made easy and affordable.

Secure is built with the business owner, not the IT professional, in mind. Secure helps small businesses achieve a base level of cyber security and frees them up to run their business.

Secure of [secure] is a 12-month subscription service available in basic and plus levels. The basic level looks at your public facing services. The Plus level looks inside too, and addresses Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications from the UK Government.

The system is simple and practical to use regardless of your technical abilities; and at the base level all you need to know to get up and running are three things:
your company name, your domain name and your email address.

[Secure] has you covered

We find the issues, and then fix them for you.

Track your progress and see the improvements over time.

Assists in achieving Cyber Essentials with the minimum of fuss.

Cost effective and affordable for all businesses.

Secure Overview

Secure, the simple way to monitor your exposed attack surface.

[Secure] is our online attack surface monitoring and vulnerability scanning toolset. At the moment it is in early Beta release and open for signups for early adopters. Over the coming six months, we will gradually release more features and functions as the platform becomes an all-in-one automated penetration testing tool. At the current time we are deploying to the Beta platform every week so there is a steady flow of new features.

If you would like to be an early adopter, you can purchase [secure] on a 12-month subscription paying monthly for this base level [secure] platform.

External Monitoring

  • Understand your attack surface
  • See your external vulnerabilities
  • Check for data leaks 
  • Test 5 addresses
Secure provides you with monthly vulnerability scanning for up to 5 public-facing systems.
$42.00Paid monthly on an annual contract

Secure Plus, monitor your exposed attack surface.

You can purchase [secure]+ as a 12-month subscription paying monthly or paying annually. We have priced the service with the small business in mind

External Monitoring

  • Everything from [secure]
  • One hour of fix time
  • Monitor for Malware
  • Scan up to 256 Addresses
  • Darkweb Monitoring of your keywords
Secure+ builds on Secure to provide you with a well-balanced Cyber Security program for your business. With engineering time Secure+ puts you firmly in a safer connected world.
$65.00Paid monthly on an annual contract

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