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Pentesting for the Gaming Industry

Protect Your Most Valuable Gaming Assets with Penetration Testing

Pentesting for Gaming

Today’s modern gaming enterprises throughout the world are powered by technologies that are increasingly at risk of sophisticated attacks by cyber criminals. To protect your most valuable gaming assets, you need to test your internal and external IT systems for vulnerabilities that expose you to cyber-attacks.

As the gaming industry increases in size and complexity, especially with the rise of e-gaming, the attackers are ever more laser focused on the industry. Breaches are sadly common place where organisations have not sorted their cyber security out properly. The outcome of these data breach are:

Company brand is tarnished

Consumer trust erodes

Players leave (or can’t play) or play anonymously

Players stop buying (or can’t buy)

How we can help

We are a small team of certified white-hat hackers with a drive for exceptional client service. We have a structured and unique approach to every engagement, especially those in the gaming sectors:

Understand and prioritise your concerns and penetration tests goals (eg compliance, vulnerability, internal threat, etc).

Agree on penetration testing approach and timing.

Assign expert cyber security penetration tester tasks best suited for the tasks.

Perform the penetration tests to uncover weaknesses in your cyber defences.

Give you a stakeholder-ready report providing detailed review of your cybersecurity posture.

You can find out more about the how the testing process runs on our What to expect on a Pentest page.  

Next steps

Want to know more about penetration tests? We are very happy to help. Do reach out to us using the form below, or the chat button on the bottom right.