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Monitoring Script

Standard monitoring script for Linux servers.

#! /bin/bash

# Check if connected to Internet or not
ping -c 1 &> /dev/null && echo -e "Internet:  Connected" || echo -e "Internet:  Disconnected"

# Check OS Type
os=$(uname -o)
echo -e "Operating System Type :"  $os

# Check OS Release Version and Name
cat /etc/os-release | grep 'NAME\|VERSION' | grep -v 'VERSION_ID' | grep -v 'PRETTY_NAME' > /tmp/osrelease
echo -n -e "OS Name :"   && cat /tmp/osrelease | grep -v "VERSION" | cut -f2 -d\"
echo -n -e "OS Version :"  && cat /tmp/osrelease | grep -v "NAME" | cut -f2 -d\"

# Check Architecture
architecture=$(uname -m)
echo -e "Architecture :"  $architecture

# Check Kernel Release
kernelrelease=$(uname -r)
echo -e "Kernel Release :"  $kernelrelease

# Check hostname
echo -e "Hostname :"  $HOSTNAME

# Check Internal IP
internalip=$(hostname -I)
echo -e "Internal IP :"  $internalip

# Check External IP
externalip=$(curl -s;echo)
echo -e "External IP :  "$externalip

# Check DNS
nameservers=$(cat /etc/resolv.conf | sed '1 d' | awk '{print $2}')
echo -e "Name Servers :"  $nameservers 

# Check Logged In Users
echo -e "Logged In users :"  && cat /tmp/who 

# Check RAM and SWAP Usages
free -h | grep -v + > /tmp/ramcache
echo -e "Ram Usages :" 
cat /tmp/ramcache | grep -v "Swap"
echo -e "Swap Usages :" 
cat /tmp/ramcache | grep -v "Mem"

# Check Disk Usages
df -h| grep 'Filesystem\|/dev/sda*' > /tmp/diskusage
echo -e "Disk Usages :"  
cat /tmp/diskusage

# Check Load Average
loadaverage=$(top -n 1 -b | grep "load average:" | awk '{print $10 $11 $12}')
echo -e "Load Average :"  $loadaverage

# Check System Uptime
uptime=$(uptime | awk '{print $3,$4}' | cut -f1 -d,)
echo -e "System Uptime Days/(HH:MM) :"  $uptime

# Remove Temporary Files
rm /tmp/osrelease /tmp/who /tmp/ramcache /tmp/diskusage

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