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Start-Up and Small Businesses are the backbone of the world. You innovate, invent and bring joy to millions. Did you know that 60% of small businesses that get hacked, end up closing within 12 months?

At Hedgehog Security we believe every business has the right to a safer connected world. Our mission is to deliver that Globally.

We are committed to providing a first-class service everywhere in the world. We offer dedicated resources to ensure consistency of service delivery, effective account management and winning cyber strategies. Our team include qualified penetration testers, consultants and support staff who provide outstanding expertise and support at the time most needed from offices in the UK, Spain, Gibraltar and the USA.

Our Services

Join over 2,000+ happy customers

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is the Government-backed, industry supported foundation for basic cyber security hygiene. The Scheme has been carefully designed to guide organisations of any size in protecting themselves against cyber threats.

Rapid turn-around

Real support from a CISO

Cost effective, simple and hassle-free

More than 2000 successful audits prove we know what we are doing

Custom-built from the ground up. Just for you.

Cyber Security Consulting

Being the first ever company to offer a vCISO service (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer), we have often been copied but never surpassed. Our team of CISOs are here 24×7 to assist in everything from writing policies to implementing full ISO27001 programs.

Our team are also available to step into your business for short, medium and long term to bridge any skills shortages or to run your Information Security Office.

Only pay for the time you use

Available on an hourly basis or project duration basis

Dip in an out service or long-term engagements available

Available 24x7x365, meaning should you have a breach there is always someone you can call on

Join over 2,000+ happy customers

Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests leverage deep knowledge of attacker’s behaviours and methods. We use the same tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs). Every test is custom built to every client’s needs and requirements. We assess specific aspects of the security program and the state of security of systems, networks and applications within the scope.

We set modern, realistic goals for our talented penetration testers to attempt to achieve. These are the same goals that actual attackers would have in place to justify their time and investment in their attacks.

Know whether your critical assets are at risk

Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities before an attack can exploit them

Get realistic findings and comprehensive recommendations

Understand how the most sophisticated attackers operate based on intelligence gained over 10 years of being in business

Join over 2,000+ happy customers


[secure] was built with the business owner, not the IT professional, in mind. [secure] helps all businesses achieve a base level of cyber security and frees them up to run their business.

We find the issues, and then fix them for you

Cost effective and affordable for all businesses

Achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus with the minimum of fuss

See your external vulnerabilities

Hedgehog Security: more than just a cyber security company.

The Hedgehog team is the core of our business. We work globally, think locally and do what we can to minimise our environmental impact. Above all else, we are people. You can discover more about our talented people on our team page.

About Us
Hedgehog Security Offices in Gibraltar serves our global market.

Why choose Hedgehog Cyber Security?

Cyber Security for any size of business

CREST member company

Team of friendly certified experts

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On the 30th of June we will be releasing "A Managers Guide to Cyber Security" ebook. It has been written for the business owner with no technical knowledge. A simple non-technical book for non-technical people to help explain some of the concepts of good Cyber Security and give you the questions to ask your providers. Register now to receive your free copy.

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